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Incoming changes to Fortnite
« on: November 19, 2017, 04:08:17 PM »
Event Currency Store -  You will be able to purchase event-specific items with event currency (like “Halloween Candy”) during some events. You can go to an event vendor and spend your “candy currency” on event items or event llamas. Coming in December

Hero Rarity Evolution - Our goal is to give you the ability to evolve heroes into greater rarities. This means you can take a hero and gradually level them up to an orange, legendary hero. (Finally!) Coming in December

Accessing Inventory From Everywhere - One of your popular requests. And we built it. It’s going into the game as fast as we can get it in! Access your loot anytime, anywhere. Coming in December

Examples of your frustrations:
When you were given rewards you couldn't easily inspect them. You may not have known what happened to the cool weapon you just earned after a looting spree. This was bad on so many levels. We’re going to improve it.

Collecting Stuff - You want better ways to manage schematics, survivors and items, so do we. The first step is context sensitive menus that allow you to save time when adding those to your collection book, leveling up cards, or evolutions. Going through a rolodex of menus to “favorite your items” shouldn’t be a hassle. Coming in December

Quest Map  - You should know where to go and what to do when you play. We want you to be able to easily examine your quests, figure out how to complete them and see what loot you’ll receive. The ability to select and examine future quests, so you can plan for them, is a specific example of how we see this playing out. Coming in January

Like a “Mini-Boss”:
You will see these new baddies in different parts of the game and they will spice up gameplay with a variety of new behaviors. We want to add flavor to your basic encounters and shake up your moment-to-moment battles. This gets us one step closer to true boss creatures. Coming in December

Survival v2: We want events to give you the things you care about when you’re just starting out or as you’re powering through end game content. You’ve helped us make Survival mode better with a lot of great suggestions. Giving you the ability to vote skip days was one popular request we’ll be putting into the next round of Survival. Coming in December

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Re: Incoming changes to Fortnite
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2017, 05:04:32 PM »
New patch and weapon coming to PVP also